DHerbs 20 day Full body cleanse

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Every time I say that I’m going to try my best to be more consistent with writing, the busier I get *Welp*. Anyhow I’m going to be starting this cleanse with my cousin and I really want to document the process. If you follow my ig you’ll see that I’ve been on this “get healthy tip” for a few months now. Initially it was just that my 30th birthday is coming up and I just wanted to be able to buy any dress I wanted to LOL. After a few weeks, it became more about getting healthy and fit. Getting my cholesterol down, not having diabetes or any disease that plagues society now.

Ok so back to the clease. About a month ago my cousin told me that some of her coworkers were all deciding to do a cleanse together and since I’m all about a good cleanse she asked me to do it with her. I will say this is a very expensive cleanse ($120) so when she sweetened the deal by buying it for me, I was more than willing to join lol (Thanks Nads) We’ve been researching it for about a month and I’ve been searching pinterest for all raw vegan type meals.

My package arrived on Wednesday and actually I started it today.


It is basically taking 30 pills total per day. Each pill is geared towards a different organ in the body. 5 pills are taken every 2-3 hours (Blood and Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, Liver, Gallbladder & Spleen, Lungs & Respiratory, Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals and Colon & Digestive Tract) Along with this, at bedtime you drink 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal in a cup of water. The activated charcoal is used to “absorb digestive gas” and keeps certain substances from being absorbed in the body’s gastro-intestinal tract.

The gist of the cleanse it this:

For 20 days I won’t consume Meat, Dairy, Sugar, Anything cooked, anything processed, Alcohol, No prescriptions, No caffeine… I’ll be eating only RAW VEGAN meals. This shouldn’t be all that bad since I’ve been eating kind of like that anyhow.

Day 1, I prepared my pillbox


Breakfast was a blueberry, peach and mango smoothie

Lunch & Dinner: Salad made with tomatoes, strawberries and avocado

Snack: Almond


Now that day 1 is officially complete since I just drank the activated charcoal, I can say that I’m excited to see this through and don’t believe this should be all that hard.

Until tomorrow….toodles 🙂

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10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Sooooo hey y’all!!!! It’s been forever since I’ve had time to write anything but I’ve been super busy. Since I have a break from school until January 12 I have some free time to relax and write and share. I just decided to do another round of this smoothie cleanse by JJ Smith. I came across it on FB months ago and decided to give it a try. The first round I lost 13 pounds.


This was my results after the first round. Hope to have even better results this round.IMG_4532

This is my day 2 smoothie Apple Strawberry (spring mix, water, banana, apples and strawberries).

Will update tomorrow

Lose the POOCH! Complete workout for your LOWER ABS

GRIT by Brit

lose the pooch

FUPA = Front Upper Pubic Area

(aka “pooch”)

Alright, you guys asked for it so here it is – the ultimate workout for our biggest problem area: LOWER ABS!

Now, if you truly want to lose your pooch you have to minimize belly fat.  That means you have to eat clean& sweat.  That’s right folks, hit that treadmill, drink that water and eat those apples – just keepin’ it real.

Also, keep note that there are 3 key mistakes we often make that cause our tummy to look super saggy.  Avoid these!

  1. Slouching – Stand up straight, puff out that chest and suck in that tummy.  Just standing up straight can make us look up to 10 pounds lighter, no joke!  Also, walking around like a hunchback makes us look  sloppy and insecure…not cute.
  2. Too much sodium – Salt makes us retain water and causes stomach bloating.  If…

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Desi Spinach Pancakes

I’m soooo trying this


A few weeks ago I made fluffy American pancakes for Sunday brunch. They got me thinking about savoury pancakes, which then got me thinking about Indian spiced pancakes for the blog…and here we are. It’s a wonderful thing when an idea materialises into something delicious on your plate…and on your Facebook wall with your friends telling you how hungry you are making them! I love the whole process: the research for the recipe and the drafting of it, the shopping for the ingredients, the initial testing, the tweaking, the retesting, the styling of the photo shoot, the shoot itself (yesterday I spent most of it shooing the cats away as they kept trying to leap onto my lovely green pancakes), being able to call it a photo shoot :),  finally eating it, writing about it all and then sharing it with you. It’s a joy!

When I discussed the idea of Indian…

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When Cancer affects one of us, it affects all of us

Many people hear of Breast Cancer but often times have no idea how it happens, what are the signs, the symptoms and ways to treat it. This is now a close topic to me since my Friend’s Mom was recently diagnosed.

What is Breast Cancer: Cancer that forms in tissues of the breast, usually the ducts (tubes that carry milk to the nipple) and lobules (glands that make milk). It occurs in both men and women, although male breast cancer is rare.

The first noticeable symptom of breast cancer is typically a lump that feels different from the rest of the breast tissue. More than 80% of breast cancer cases are discovered when the woman feels a lump.The earliest breast cancers are detected by a mammogram. Lumps found in lymph nodes located in the armpits can also indicate breast cancer.

Indications of breast cancer other than a lump may include thickening different from the other breast tissue, one breast becoming larger or lower, a nipple changing position or shape or becoming inverted, skin puckering or dimpling, a rash on or around a nipple, discharge from nipple/s, constant pain in part of the breast or armpit, and swelling beneath the armpit or around the collarbone.

Occasionally, breast cancer presents as Metastatic  disease, that is, cancer that has spread beyond the original organ.  Metastatic Breast Cancer will cause symptoms that depend on the location of metastasis. Common sites of metastasis include bone, liver, lung and brain.

Prevention: Women may reduce their risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy weight, drinking less alcohol, being physically active and breastfeeding their children.These modifications might prevent 38% of breast cancers in the US, 42% in the UK, 28% in Brazil and 20% in China.The benefits with moderate exercise such as brisk walking are seen at all age groups including postmenopausal women

Screening is VERY IMPORTANT for us ladies. A clinical or self  breast exam involves feeling the breast for lumps or other abnormalities. Clinical breast exams are performed by health care providers, while self breast exams are performed by the person themselves.

For information visit http://www.breastcancer.org or http://www.cancer.org/fightbreastcancer

Say a prayer today for not only my friend, but for anyone you might/might not know who is suffering from this


New Ventures…Motivated

No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

I came across this quote this morning and it was a reminder of why I’m choosing to embark on this new endeavor of giving back to my community and also to the less fortunate. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to join a group of people in feeding the homeless at a shelter in downtown Miami. After that experience, a new drive, a new burst of motivation got into me and made me realize that I could do so much more for those around me. I then decided that I wanted to do something for the Shelter I went to specifically because of the good they do for others. I decided to organize a clothing donation drive and reached out to the people I knew would be in my corner to help. Within a day, I had sooo many positive responses and feedback about people wanting to be a part of it. Who didn’t have clothes to give, offered their time in helping me to organize and that means so much to me. I already have had bags of clothes given to me, so much so that I will probably need a number of cars to deliver to the shelter lol. I am so moved by the support thus far and this won’t be all I plan to do. It’s been a while since I’ve been passionate about a project and I just hope that someone is blessed by what I do.