Letting your guard down

Read this today and thought it was so true.

“Letting your guard down”

It’s when you take the risk to open your heart to someone. You finally commit your all and let them see how much you like/love them. Usually, people will keep themselves hidden behind walls. Letting those walls down, it just shows how much you feel for them. It’s hard though. You’re afraid to get hurt, not sure if they’re worth it. But, you can never really let your guard down. If you think that person is really worth giving your all, then you can give them your whole heart. If you let your guard down and realize that person wasn’t worth it all, you’ll be in a world of momentary hurt. It’ll take time to get through the pain and reach the normalcy without that person. Because sometimes it’s just the moment of infatuation that makes it seem like they’re your everything

“At some point in time you have to tear down your wall, open your heart, and allow yourself to love and to be loved.”